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FIFA 20, impressions of the Volta mode: Street fun
08-09-2019, 05:11 PM,
FIFA 20, impressions of the Volta mode: Street fun
FIFA 20 Comfort Trade The coverage of the FIFA 20 preview event culminates with our impressions of the Volta mode one of the best additions ever introduced in the saga.

When we had the opportunity to try FIFA 20 we talked about its top ten highlights. And yes the gameplay of the eleven football simulator continues to move towards greater realism. But the really important thing we couldn't tell you until today. It's about our experience playing VOLTA but before seeing how it is let's say what it is.

The playability in VOLTA FOOTBALL is born from the same engine as the original EA SPORTS FIFA developing and refining its content and also adding new and unique mechanics. VOLTA provides players with more variety and diversity in different game modes offering different circumstances and combinations in their rules to adapt to street football.

And it is that everything that has to do with Volta goes through the nostalgia filter buy FUT 20 Comfort Trade to be able to enjoy the saga's formula from a distant prism of the seriousness that characterizes the eleven against eleven. The first allusion is obvious: What differentiates you from the Street subsaga? First the technical. Volta is an extension of the main game engine while in the past they worked on a special edition of the engine that served only for the physics and animations of FIFA Street. This allows them to offer all existing combinations within Volta that is it is a familiar environment for veterans of the brand.

Although one game depends on another the truth is that if VOLTA demonstrates the potential that we could verify we do not assure as neither did its developers that at some point they are separate games. I don't know about another FIFA with such an attractive novelty compared to its previous edition. That will be the great weapon of FIFA 20 which we may realize in a few years that it was a two by one.

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