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Michael Hyatt - 5 Days To Your Best Year Ever 2016
08-12-2019, 03:15 AM,
Michael Hyatt - 5 Days To Your Best Year Ever 2016
[center][Image: G-PMichael-Hyatt-5-Days-To-Your-Best-Year-Ever-2016.jpg][/center]
[center]Michael Hyatt - 5 Days To Your Best Year Ever 2016
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English[/center]

Quote:1. Imagine the possibilities

To imagine what's possible, you need to first overcome your limiting beliefs. What are the limiting beliefs that are holding you back? You might think you don't deserve to succeed or you're not very good with money.

After breaking these mental blocks, brainstorm what you want to achieve in 2016.
2. Get past the past

Don't let failures haunt you. Say goodbye to the past and hello to the future. You will dream bigger and achieve more.
3. Define your goals

Set five to seven specific goals from different areas of your life. Don't know what goals to focus on? Hyatt's free tool, Discover Your LifeScore helps assess all areas of your life. Discover which area needs the most attention and set goals that get you excited.
4. Identify key motivators

Most people set goals, get stuck and give up too soon. To keep yourself motivated, ask yourself:

Why do I want to achieve these goals?
What would happen if I don't achieve these goals?

5. Implement the plan

Big action plans are just excuses for procrastination. All you need is to focus on the next step. What's the next step you can take action to make meaningful progress towards your goal?

Rather than creating a 40-page business plan, take one action step every day. By making meaningful progress towards your goals, you feel happier, more confident and have a life purpose.
Overcome the Biggest Roadblock: Perfectionism

Some goal-setters think they fail if they don't achieve the goals perfectly. Here's the right way to look at your goals: You may not achieve all your goals, but you're going to accomplish way more than if you don't have goals.

The point is not to achieve every goal; the point is to make progress in your life. Set goals, make progress and celebrate the progress you've made.
Your Next Steps

What gets scheduled gets done. Invest half a day or 45 minutes a day for five days to go through the five steps. Put your goals everywhere so you remember to take action every day. You can make 2016 the best year ever.

[Image: G-PMichael-Hyatt-5-Days-To-Your-Best-Year-Ever-2016.jpg]
[Image: G-PMichael-Hyatt-5-Days-To-Your-Best-Year-Ever-2016.jpg]
[Image: G-PMichael-Hyatt-5-Days-To-Your-Best-Year-Ever-2016.jpg]
[Image: G-PMichael-Hyatt-5-Days-To-Your-Best-Year-Ever-2016.jpg]

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