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Robbie Hemingway - Text God VIP
08-12-2019, 11:17 AM,
Robbie Hemingway - Text God VIP
[Image: ee0a7c2bb981c5cb607820bd9d8472e3.jpg]
Robbie Hemingway - Text God VIP | SIZE: 240 MB

Text God Vip Robbie Hemingway: Have you ever looked at her text and wondered, "I want her to want to fuck me but what do I text"?

How many times have messed up your one and only chance at getting laid because you didn't know what to text, or because the text you DID send scared her off and you have no idea why? It's happened to you, it's happened to me, it's happened to everyone.
You have a very short window of opportunity to win a girl over and make her want you. Miss that window and you're done for; throw in the white towel because she will move on to the next guy faster than it takes for you to look at your phone (which you will inevitably do dozens of times waiting for her text that will never come).
Luckily for you, you're about to learn 8 Fail proof texts to send that make her want to have sex with you.
Let us start with a hypothetical situation: Imagine you are standing in a white room that is completely empty. There are no windows, no chairs and no tables. You have no cell phone and your pockets empty.
There is absolutely nothing at all happening around you and dead silence fills the room. Next In walks the most beautiful bikini clad super model you've ever seen in your life.
Body toned to perfection, skin bronzed and glowing, hair long, black, and without a strand out of place with a shine that you've only see in commercials, lips full and plump, eyelashes batting at you from green almond shaped eyes.
She is staring Straight.At...You while you both stand face-to-face. Get the point? NOW What would you say to spark the conversation?


[Image: 8817f51574e7fb2ee27a520164e503d2.jpg]

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Contact dead link: [email protected]

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