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Beginners Android App Development Course Stepwise Classroom
09-14-2019, 03:12 PM,
Beginners Android App Development Course Stepwise Classroom
[Image: 006b49dc.jpg]

Beginners Android App Development Course Stepwise-Classroom
.MP4 | Video: 1280x720, 30 fps® | Audio: AAC, 44100 Hz, 2ch | 22.2 GB
Duration: 19.5 hours | Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Best way of learning is, learning in the classroom. Here is detailed android app development course for true learners.

What you'll learn

GitHub : Creating Git Account and own repositories, Basics operations Clone, Pull and Push
Gradle : Understanding the gradle, Gradle tasks, gradle modules, creating and executing tasks
View : Detailed understanding of views, ViewGroups and Layouts, What is Context, Custom and Compound views, view measurement units, Animation
Activities : Inter Activity Communication, Activity in detail, Lifecycle,
Fragments : Inter Fragment Communication, Loading Fragment by FrameLayout and fragment tag, Activity and Fragment communication
Resources : What are resources, assets, providing resources, alternative resources.
Dialog : Dialog Fragment, Alert , Date and Time Picker, Progress Dialog, Custom Dialog
Runtime changes : Handling Runtime changes by androids and custom way, Managing configuration qualifiers
Storage : Shared Preferences, Internal and External Storage, SQLite, Content Providers and reading contacts
Broadcast Receivers : Registering broadcast receiver, sending broadcast, sticky broadcasts
Services : Service, Intent Service and AIDL . E.g Music player demo app
Runtime Permissions : Checking permissions, granting or denying permissions, handling any kind of permissions
Http and Web Services : Understanding web services, Understanding and Using volley (GET, POST and Other calls )
Location and Google Maps : Location Manager, Geocoding, Google Map, adding markers, polylines, circles etc
Sensors : Understanding of sensors, implementing sensors
Wifi : Connecting to wifi, scanning wifi, listing connected wifi
Bluetooth : Understanding Bluetooth API, Getting paired devices, Scanning and Connecting to remote devices, Data transfer
Deployment : Deploying app to play stores and caution steps.


Little knowledge of Java programming language
Moderate Interest in mobile app development
Ample of curiosity, learner and student attitude


Learning in the classroom is well proven way of learning. By considering importance of classroom training; we have taken another approach while creating this series. These are simply screen recordings of the classroom lectures which are conducted really. We have tried to maintain authenticity classroom environment as much as possible and we hope you will love our way which is fusion of online and classroom training.

We will teach you android app development as you learn in classroom, you will get to know each and every concept at very much deeper level.

Just follow me and I will make you android expert in just 20 Hours. Check our Reviews before enrolling to the course on Google or Facebook. We hope you will love our series and learn android app development.

I am thanking in advance for enrolling for Android classroom course.

Who this course is for:

Beginners : Each and every concept is explained and coded in detail. This approach is really beneficial for those who are willing to learn android app development from scratch.
Experience : Those who have built some apps but still willing to know more or understand what exactly they have implemented ? How things work behind the curtain ? This course will explore minute details to experts and professionals.

[Image: 006b49dd.jpg]



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