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World of Warcraft Classic: Phase Two later this year, layering will be gone soon
10-08-2019, 06:34 PM,
World of Warcraft Classic: Phase Two later this year, layering will be gone soon
World of Warcraft Classic Gold We all know that the return to former Azeroth was at least successful. Pal six horror queues which ended only recently (although at peak times you still have to wait a while) - vanilla WoW for many players turned out to be exactly what they required (about how much I liked you can read in the 300th issue CD-Action available at kiosks).

The expectation scale is best demonstrated by a 223% jump in subscription impact compared to what the game recorded in July (however this is still a worse result since the release of Battle for Azeroth).

Although the vast majority of players are still wandering around the world (fortunately no longer in Barrens because how much can you sit there?) On their way to level 60 the most avid fans hit the maximum level quite quickly and started cleaning the available rallies gradually. The hardcore guilds Onyxia or Ragnaros are beating so easily dressing all their members in the first Tier of items. It is not surprising that they are eagerly awaiting the next phase of Classica in which the high-level dungeons - Dire Maul - and two bosses in the open world - Azuregos and the legendary Kazzak will hit the game. In addition PvP slightly civilizes at the moment World of Warcraft Classic Gold for slae because the honor system will appear along with the appropriate ranks.

The open question was when the second phase would start at all. We finally got to know the ante quam date - the above content is expected to be released by the end of 2019. Ion Hazzikostas director of WoW revealed in an interview with PC Gamer. At the same time he announced that by then Blizzard will stop using Layering technology on Classica servers. In short: it allows you to be on the server a much larger number of players at once but for the price of the existence of some of them in say parallel worlds. In contrast to the sharding production used in the modern version it works on a different scale so when playing every day we rather did not notice any problems in the style of suddenly disappearing companions. However there were those who abused the system (e.g. joining the team on the second continent and thus moving to their server version; for example they could escape from the fight with another player).

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