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Sara Crow - A Flower's Power A Course In Flower Essences
11-07-2019, 12:41 AM,
Sara Crow - A Flower's Power A Course In Flower Essences
[Image: c2a071ba95b9eb27de2d0f1d6b8b27fe.jpg]
Sara Crow - A Flower's Power A Course In Flower Essences | 5.23 GB

Discover How to Heal Mental and Emotional Patterns with Flower Essences
Imagine a plant remedy that helps you unleash creativity, heal from heartbreak, or dissolve anxiety and stress.

Flower essences bring healing and balance when you feel stuck in old or unhealthy patterns. Discover how this subtle form of plant medicine can activate your mind�s healing power to stimulate personal growth.

Flower essences are effective, safe botanical remedies that work directly on the mind, emotions, and spirit to stimulate healing on multiple levels. They are a primary treatment for Shen (Heart and Mind) in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and work on the acupuncture meridian system to remove inner blockages to growth and change.

In this comprehensive course, Sara Crow L.Ac. distills her 20 years of clinical and personal experience working with flower essences. The course is perfect for both the home user and medical professional seeking to integrate flower essences into clinical practices of massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy, nursing, and holistic health.

In this course you will learn:

How to stimulate physical balance by healing the mind and emotional heart.
How to help release emotional trauma and many types of anxiety.
How to promote a clear, calm mind to encourage better sleep and meditative states.
How to release chronic negative emotional and mental states including sadness, shame, anger, and guilt.
Flower essences according to Chinese Medicine.
Four Basic Levels of Therapeutic Action.
How to choose flower essences effectively.
Therapeutics and energetics of global and local flower essences.
Flower essences for every home and clinical pharmacy.
How to study a flower in a greater context using the Doctrine of Signatures.
How to make your own flower essences.
How to integrate flower essences safely and effectively into every health care protocol and healing modality.
And much more!

Special Course Bonuses
Bonus #1: Audio Class on Flower Essence Therapeutics

In this informative audio class Sara Crow, L.Ac. explains how the bioelectrical information found in flower essences, along with the other life energies of a flower, are thought to work on the acupuncture meridian system and the benefits associated with utilizing this type of Life force found in nature for healing purposes.
Bonus #2: Flower Essence Field Demonstration Video

Join Sara Crow in this informative video on how to make your own flower essences!
Bonus #3: Two Prerecorded Q&A Classes with Sara Crow, L.Ac.

Sara Crow, L.Ac. answers many common flower essence questions during these prerecorded bonus Q&A sessions.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to hear Sara Crow speak so eloquently about flower essences. I have begun a love affair with flower essences and desire to deepen my experience and learning when the time is right for me. I am glad to know someone like Sara Crow is out there, Thank you.?

- Sarah H.

[Image: 111fd1ca6407fd8902624fbe573e4f2e.png]

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