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JV Basic Checklist Before Entering into Agreement !! - TheDictator - 12-04-2016

Have you just seen a awesome JV thread where you can get $1000 per month, every month for life for only $50 upfront payment? 

Before you snap up that awesome deal why not do a few simple checks before running off to your paypal account? 

This thread is just to show you how to do a little bit of homework on someone who has started a golden thread!

Step one

Look at the persons profile and ask yourself a few things like: 

1: How long has the person been a member (would you give money someone you just met if it was face2face?)

2: How many posts? (Are the posts all touting for business or just being social/helping?)

3: How many threads have they started? (yet again are they helping others or just touting for business?)

4: Where do they post? (Are they only posting in the seller/Freelancer?)

Basically is the member a decent member of the community by helping others, asking questions and just being normal? 

Step Two

1. Ill be honest I only really do business with people who have coloured names as I find they tend to be better to do with business with and they have paid good money to have that "right" (some have earned that colour with even more to loose)!

If you get offended by this....Sorry but that's my view but I will add I have done business with a couple of "non colours" so I wont tarn all with the same brush at all but do your checks! 

2: Has the person got any friends? (why not?)

Step Three 

1: Back to checking out the users threads, does he have a sales thread? (if so then your normally pretty safe)

So people take a few minutes longer when parting with your money and it can save you a lot of time in the long run!!