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Betting - Mrmon2 - 02-20-2020

What do you think about sport betting? Is this a good idea, or no?

RE: Betting - Cavin - 02-20-2020

In my opinion is a good idea for additional earning. It is really easy, try it! Personally I like sport, so it gives me only pleasure. I watch sport matches, analyze this, read statistics, and make my bets. This is always right! Try it if do you like sport. It can brings you good money. There are many different sites where you can do it, but I live in Philippines and work through . As for me is the most convenient site for this goal.

RE: Betting - Tomjor33 - 02-25-2020

It is hard question...I do not many information about this, but I think that it is better to find another way to make money. I think that you can lose your money if you will bet on sport. I think that it is risky. I like sport, and I watch sport matches often, but I do it only for pleasure, not for getting money