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The Godly Texting Guide - The Godly Courses
05-23-2020, 02:44 PM,
The Godly Texting Guide - The Godly Courses
[Image: cc555fa04f6f063d2fb97387dad3fb28.png]
The Godly Texting Guide - The Godly Courses | 507.42 MB
Introducing The Godly Texting Guide:
The only online dating course that gives you a no-bullshit, step-by-step system for getting you past "The Great Filter," and getting you more dates, more responses, and more sex than you know what to do with. Including the EXACT text messages you need to send, to make her OBSESSED with you.

Module 1: The Foundations - 3 videos | 20 minutes
By the end of this module, you will have mastered the PROVEN mindset you'll need to get past "The Great Filter" and make girls wildly attracted to you over text. You'll also learn why most guys fail at texting and you'll become one of the few that know how to succeed.

Module 2: The Basics of Godly Text Game - 6 videos | 30 minutes
Learn these basics of texting like a GOD and you'll IMMEDIATELY separate yourself from the 99% of guys who are still getting left on 'Read' and texting girls bullshit openers like "hey what's up cutie?"
Once you learn the basic Do's and Don'ts, you'll also learn the EXACT methods I've created for flirting and teasing girls over text.

Module 3: Advanced Techniques from The Gods - 7 videos | 35 minutes
Here, I show you the most advanced godly texting techniques that I, personally use every day to get me more dates with hot girls, and more sex. After completing this module, you will have become a texting GOD, and getting past "The Great Filter" will become second nature. You will NEVER need to worry about texting again.


[Image: f2e63fc5b7ea4680a7a318d3c8ee8164.jpg]

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