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[help] Online Tools or SaaS to storage,manage or access multiple website accounts
06-05-2018, 05:27 AM,
[help] Online Tools or SaaS to storage,manage or access multiple website accounts
actually i have no idea what is the exact question to express what i have in mind to this kind of tools

but, here's the SaaS / Tool that i'm looking for:

i want to know if there's a web apps that SIMILAR like LassPass in its funcion to manage multiple web LOGIN data.

but, this time the SaaS what i need is NOT ONLY it storage our credential to some of websites, but also, i able to give us access to that website we need without LOGIN to the website directly

LOL,..sorry for my bad english,

let me explain how the SaaS i'm looking for need to works:

1. Just say that SaaS i'm looking for is named as "XYZapps"
2. i storage some of my credential of some website on "XYZapps" service, exp: aHref account
3. when i want to access my aHref account, i don't need to go to ahref again, but only need to login on "XYZapps", than click a button with ahref logo there
4. NEW windows appear, than on the browser bar it show "XYZapps" URL, but the content is ahref website, so i can use ahref as usually
5. On "XYZapps" also available SUB USER feature, so when i need my friend to use my ahref account where he is on different location with me, i just need to create "XYZapps" sub-user account to access my ahref account via "XYZapps" platform

So, this's similar like LassPAss ,

i just want to know if there's website like this outthere

if you know, please let me know about it

thank you

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