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Instagram for Business By Anson Alexander
11-12-2016, 07:12 PM,
Star  Instagram for Business By Anson Alexander
This tutorial covers basics like choosing the right photos, hashtags, and filters and 
creating a posting schedule that keeps followers wanting more. He also shares more 
advanced tricks like embedding Instagram photos and badges directly on your website. 
Plus, learn how to review Instagram insights, so you can find out what content is 
gaining traction with which followers, and promote posts via Instagram advertising.

Topics include:
  • Business opportunities on Instagram
  • Brainstorming content ideas
  • Developing a posting schedule
  • Optimizing your Instagram profile
  • Uploading photos and video
  • Interacting with the Instagram community
  • Using Instagram stories
  • Using business-appropriate filters and hashtags
  • Embedding Instagram photos and badges
Download link:!QF0HgaKA!4IWEHKIVcGyaI...RawoPGZqY0
12-28-2018, 12:00 AM,
RE: Instagram for Business By Anson Alexander
Thank you for your tips, my friend!

12-28-2018, 12:06 AM,
RE: Instagram for Business By Anson Alexander
your post is very useful for me. I am a beginner in this area and try to make my commercial account in the Instagram profitable and popular. I sell unique products from Canada in my Instagram account and believe that my business will bring me more than $ 5,000 a month. I already have regular buyers because my products are truly unique and qualitative. But lately I have problems with the customs clearance of parcels from Canada and I was in despair. But this young team has helped me and I am very grateful to them for this. They have solved all my problems with customs clearance and my business continues to develop successfully. I hope my post will be useful to you. Good luck

02-24-2019, 01:47 AM,
RE: Instagram for Business By Anson Alexander
It is actually a good and useful tools. But it is better to use fully automatic software, which can boost your IG account and really helps to increase profits from it.

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