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Matt Stefanik, Nick Fielding - Shopify Store Pro
08-12-2019, 03:01 AM,
Matt Stefanik, Nick Fielding - Shopify Store Pro
[center][Image: G-PMatt-Stefanik-Nick-Fielding-Shopify-Store-Pro.jpg][/center]
[center]Matt Stefanik, Nick Fielding - Shopify Store Pro
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English[/center]

Quote:Matt Stefanik, Nick Fielding � Shopify Store Pro

(Even if you�ve never considered E-commerce before� read this letter.
You�re about to discover Online Marketing�s best kept wealth creation

If you are�

* Struggling to generate a steady income from your online business
even though you�re slaving away at the computer for hours a day�
* Unsure about what to sell, to whom, and for how much in order to
turn a consistent profit day-in-and-day out�
* Looking for a viable, long-term online business model that is
*PROVEN* to generate 6 figures (and much more) in JUST 7 MONTHS
without having to worry about Google Slaps, offline clients,
affiliate marketing or even creating your own product to sell�
* Curious about turning $1 into $3.00 over and over and over again
with Paid Ads (but don�t want to spend hours learning a new ad

� then you *NEED* to read every word on this page. *It IS that important!*


Get first-hand access to the very same strategies, tactics, ideas, and
battle plans that generated over $300,000 in the first seven months of
my very first e-commerce store.

Take full advantage of the immediate �open door� access you�ll receive
when you become a student of Shopify Store Pro today!

You�ll discover:

� Why e-commerce is the *ONLY* truly /�Internet lifestyle�/ business
still in existence today (it�s why so many big-time marketers are
switching to e-commerce)�

� How to set up and start selling from your store even if you *DON�T
HAVE A PRODUCT* (forget product creation. Internet marketing success in
2015 and beyond is all about e-commerce.)�

� How to build a *mid-six figure per year business* in just 7 months or
less using the most scalable, easy-to-learn selling system on the planet�

� What millionaire e-commerce sellers *DON�T WANT YOU TO KNOW* about
finding, sourcing, and shipping high profit margin products to in-demand
niches with the deep pocketed customers�

� Advanced sales and marketing systems built *SPECIFICALLY* for
e-commerce stores that generate a consistent /(and predictable)/ flow of
profits on demand�

And much, much, more�

Without a doubt, e-commerce is the #1 way to make �Internet lifestyle�
profits in a consistent, reliable, and long-term business model.

Imagine being able to generate THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS PER DAY in highly
profitable sales without having to:

� Come up with your own product ideas�

� Manufacture the product (digital or otherwise)�

� Wrestle with SEO, off-line clients, blogging, mobile marketing, or any
of those other �shiny object� online money making methods�

� Deal with customers one-on-one�

� Manage or operate a big staff (overhead in e-commerce is ridiculously

� Battle places like Google, Facebook, or YouTube because you�ll own
100% of your money making asset regardless of what crazy decisions these
mega-companies decide�

If you�ve ever wanted to quickly and easily add an additional six figure
revenue stream to your business (or if you�re looking to start your very
FIRST online business) then e-commerce is ABSOLUTELY the least
stressful, most profitable way to make money online in 2015!

When you follow along this step-by-step video series training you�ll
have EVERYTHING you need to get started, to get profitable, and to
scale, scale, scale your e-commerce business to shockingly profitable

There�s Something For Everyone In Shopify Store Pro

First Time E-Commerce Sellers Will Learn:

* My simple 5 step process to *GUARANTEE* success with your first store�

* How to find, source, and profit from highly profitable products
without having to spend a DIME in upfront costs (if you�ve ever
wanted to generate lifestyle changing income without having to
create a product to sell� then you�re going to absolutely _LOVE_ this)�

* Why you absolutely *MUST* create and host your e-commerce store on
this #1 high converting platform� Ignore this advice at your own risk�

* How to profit from your very own �IP� assets through my top secret
�______ on demand� resource� Discover how easy it is scale, scale,
scale with one of the most competitive e-commerce product types on
the planet�

* How to provide top-notch customer service to turn one-time customers
into lifelong, loyal repeat buyers without having to spend all day
in your inbox�

* Why automated order fulfillment is *KEY* to your success� And� I�ll
even show you firsthand my breakthrough strategies for �becoming
known� as an order fulfillment expert�

* How to *automate and engineer* a smooth payment and shipping process
that guarantees customer satisfaction while providing you the
ultimate in lifestyle freedoms�

* The /�over the shoulder�/ technical *walk-through* to setting up
your very first store, filling it with highly profitable goods, and
maximizing your conversions through good design�

* Niche Store vs. General Store: Which works best for putting cash
into your pocket? You�ll be shocked when you discover what worked
best for my business (and what I recommend every new e-commerce
store owner try FIRST)�

* And much, much, more�

Experienced E-Commerce Veterans Will Learn:

* How to *rapidly and effectively* /�hand over the reins�/ of your
existing e-commerce shop to a qualified (and cheap) �shop manager�
so that you can _scale_, reduce your hours worked, and rapidly
increase profits�

* A never-before-revealed *Facebook Super-Pixel* strategy that
generates $3 for every $1 spent even in some of the most competitive
e-commerce niches (*HINT:* nobody else is doing this. That�s why it
works so well.)�

* My /�top-secret�/ 3 stage *front-end ad strategy* for multiplying
profits through �reverse engineering� your very own funnel�

* Are you using *back-end advertising* to _triple profits_ on your
e-commerce sites? If not, then you NEED to pay very close attention
as I reveal step-by-step my PROVEN strategy for getting more money
from investments you�ve already made in your funnel�

* How to create *�dynamic product ads�* to dramatically reduce the
cost of your ads while improving sales and conversions (if you�ve
ever been inside a department store then you KNOW exactly why this
ad method works so much better than static ads)�

* The exact breakthrough *Facebook ad strategy* that I discovered
after $70,000 in testing which led to my rapid *six figures* in
seven months excess� It�s the strategy so bizarre (yet effective)
that you�ll hardly believe it works (but it does)�

* How to use *�stealth email marketing�* to recapture past customers
and (at least) double your Earnings Per Customer numbers putting
more cash in your bank than ever before�

[Image: G-PMatt-Stefanik-Nick-Fielding-Shopify-Store-Pro.jpg]
[Image: G-PMatt-Stefanik-Nick-Fielding-Shopify-Store-Pro.jpg]
[Image: G-PMatt-Stefanik-Nick-Fielding-Shopify-Store-Pro.jpg]
[Image: G-PMatt-Stefanik-Nick-Fielding-Shopify-Store-Pro.jpg]

[Image: download.png]
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Password: Golden_Plaza

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