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Infinite Mind: Acquire Photographic Memory & Become a Genius
10-22-2019, 11:59 AM,
Infinite Mind: Acquire Photographic Memory & Become a Genius
[Image: 8054097ea7e739e767ef3764427e94af.png]

h264, yuv420p, 1280x720 | English, aac, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, s16 | 4h 46mn | 493 MB
Instructor: Nasif Sufian

How to learn & remember virtually anything like a sponge!

Memorize Information Rapidly, Live Life More Efficiently and Intelligently, Unleash your Potential & Fulfill Your Dreams
What you'll learn
You will learn the exact same skills that win World Championships in Memorization - skills that can teach you to memorize thousands of data points in order
You will learn how to process and internalize information in a highly-effective way, and how to apply this teaching to any skill you wish to learn
How to reduce your study time by 50-70%
How to become 100% focused with your studies

How to get rid of Stress - And have a Great Life!
The ultimate goal of this course is to give you the tools to learn anything quickly and effectively
An Open Mind and Commitment
Willingness to Implement the Strategies Outlined in the Course
Zeal to push yourself and a burning desire to succeed
This course will dramatically increase your level of Memory. It is comprised of solid strategies and methods that will help you in day-to-day chores and tasks but it will also equip you with proven techniques and simple methods that will boost your Memory and help you Memorize and Remember Things in a very short period of time.Essentially this course will teach you about the brain and how to hack it in order to boost learning and memory skills, empowering you to learn anything and everything faster and more effectively. You will be trained with the best tools and strategies to enhance your memory and learning. You'll be amazed how many hours you will save out of studying, memorization and just be shocked by just how much more intelligent you'll become. If you can memorize any kind of information at almost SuperHuman Speed, think of the endless possibilities you'll have! What would you do with such a capacity for learning? Only for you to decide!
Why it's a good idea to acquire these skills!
Whether you're a student, a professional, or simply embarking on a new hobby, you are forced to deal with an every-increasing amount of information and knowledge. In fact, the phone which we carry in our hands everyday is 150 million times more powerful than the computer which took man to Moon! There are new ideas and new inventions being discovered everyday! In such a world, we have to keep up with all these new updates and advancements or get left behind. We've all experienced the frustration of an ever-growing reading list, struggling to learn a new language, or forgetting things you learned, even in your favorite subjects.
Anyone can develop Photographic Memory skills!
This course is about improving your ability to learn new skills or information quickly and effectively. We go far beyond the kinds of "mind-mapping" (or glorified speed-reading) you may have been exposed to, diving into the actual cognitive and neurological factors that make learning easier, more fun and more successful. We also teach you about the brain and its functions and how to hack it. We'll teach you advanced memory techniques so that you can grapple with the huge loads of information you'll be able to take in.
You'll learn how to process and retain information in a whole new way - a faster, exciting and better way
Infinite Mind will enable you to:
Become faster, sharper, unstoppable in your daily life and career
Instantly decrease your study time by 50-70%
Become more creative, imaginative and innovative
Reduce stress and frustration
Learn anything at almost SuperHuman Speed
Achieve higher class exam scores
Qualify for your dream job
Improve your memory by activating certain areas of your brain
Reprogram your mind to stop forgetting
Remember all the names and relevant facts
Unleash quick recall in any situation
Storing and recalling vast amounts of information quickly and accurately
Developing the cognitive infrastructure to support this flood of new information long-term



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