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20 CSS tricks you probably haven't used before
11-07-2019, 05:27 AM,
20 CSS tricks you probably haven't used before
[Image: 1b5aaeb58d7340d9ecf8028382dd6961.jpg]

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Have you ever heard about line-clap, conic-gradient or adjacent sibling combinator?
In my classes, you're going to learn some new & not very popular CSS tricks and properties that will help you to level up your web design skills. The classes are divided into small and tasty CSS chunks every followed by practical examples and exercise.
The classes will cover properties such as: line-clamp, CSS counter (styling ordered list), custom bullet points, multiple backgrounds, vw & vh units, column-count, text-stroke, gradient text and much more!
Thecourseisdestined for everyone who has ever written a line of CSS code.
If you'd like to start from the basics, I strongly recommend you to explore my previous classes:

Full list of the properties I'm mentioning in the course:
Gradient Text
First letter
Numbered list
Multiple backgrounds
Filter blur
Font shorthand
Truncate text
Cross-Browser Text Selection Color
Character Units
Custom Bullet Points
Adjacent Sibling Combinator
General Sibling Combinator
Viewport height and witdh units
Column count


[Image: 6705adfc2a2b59a9526fa8fe5ecd86a2.jpg]



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